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Driveway cleaning

The majority of paved driveways are laid with various types of block paving. These pavers are generally very porous and will eventually attract a variety of surface growth such as weeds, algae, moss and lichen. It is inevitable that more deterioration will occur due to general wear, tyre markings plus oil and grease staining.

Driveway Cleaning Shropshire have carried out many driveway cleaning projects in the county over the years. We always try to give excellent value for money and take great pride in out work. We have the best pressure cleaning equipment available to ensure any cleaning work we undertake is done as efficiently as possible.

As approved installers of Smartseal paving sealants for Shropshire we can also keep the paving in optimum condition. The sealants will protect the paving from the build up of surface growth as mentioned above.

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