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Decking & Wood Cleaning

Decking has grown in popularity in recent years, mainly because of the endless promotion it has received from garden makeover shows on television. Shropshire is no different from other counties in that decking has become a very popular choice for patio and other relaxation areas in gardens.

This growth in the number of homes that have decked areas has also created a problem. If the wood on the decking is not kept clean, it soon loses its 'sparkle', and can quickly become dirty and grubby. This does not take into account the additional problem of algae and moss that can soon grow on the surface leaving it quite slippery when wet or damp.

Driveway Cleaning Shropshire have the expertise to keep decking loking like it has just been installed. We use pressure cleaning equipment that is specially designed for the task. It can clean the wood without damaging the surface. We would also advise getting the wood treated with a high quality decking oil to keep it looking good.

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